Shichida IQ Test

Today was a true test of waiting time for my eldest son JS2. He sat for his yearly IQ test at Shichida without my presence today. Everyday for the last 2 weeks he was abstained from watching TV and playing electronic games. (That was also part of a punishment due to major quarrel that he and his daddy had). His good nature preserved through the days without any rebel. Late last night I prayed to Allah AlMighty for him to breeze through the test without much difficulty. It is my only wish today that he feels the greatest height of achievement at the end of the long wait. And true enough when I greeted him at the door of his classroom, he was all smiles. He asked the Sensei infront of me if he had done well and the Sensei pleasantly replied Yes!. 

JS2 is one kid that is easily distracted by electronic games and long hours of TV. The impact of this distraction is so immediate and most of the time last for days and weeks. It is just amazing how his concentration and focus goes down the drain due to this. All the hard work he put on his skills and knowledge sometimes just gone in a split second! So no, I was not about to forsake that for this IQ test. 

Why is it so important to me? If it was a long journey for my son, this IQ test was an even longer journey for me. This time last year, I was just out from confinement from the birth of my second son JS3. Ja’far had a challenging Year 5 at Shichida last year as a result of lack of home practice and being around perpetually ‘meh’ feeling pregnant mother. Many absent days due to lack of his father’s willingness to participate in class also played a role. So what happened during the IQ test then? No cooperation and massive behavioral issue! 

Knowing that the results will only come months after that, I had to make a bold decision by repeating JS2 in Year 5 all over again. I didn’t see any positive output from all the subjects from Year 5. So I made a commitment then to make sure I hold his hand this time round. Yup I put my son through it. Funny though that he didn’t realise it till now. However I cannot deny that I am feeling that it is a long trip in Shichida for both of us. Maybe I am also feeling a bit bruised for not putting more effort in assisting him go through it last year. 

So yes, I felt so satisfied myself that JS2 felt great after the test today. I knew it was an exhilarating feeling for him as he casually said ‘I love you very much Mummy’ when he was running of joy away from his class. (He is not the sort of kid that express it easily to me). With that, it perfected my day!

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